3 Home Electrical Safety Tips to Know

One thing that many homeowners don’t take into consideration is the importance of electrical safety. Sure, just because you have power or an illuminated object doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble on the way. 

To keep you and your loved ones safe, the professionals at Dixie Electric share three common electrical tips all homeowners should know.

1. Don’t Overload Outlets

Sure, it may be convenient — especially when there’s only one in proximity to the object you need to plug in — but be conscious about trying not to overload your outlets. Overloading an electrical outlet can lead to some pretty dangerous electrical-based issues, such as an electrical fire.

To stay safe, consider:

  • Plugging in one appliance at a time (especially if they produce heat).
  • Do not plug in a slew of electrical cords into one outlet.
  • If the outlet is sparking or hot, do not use it and call Dixie Electric right away.

2. Never Used Broken Power Cords

If a power cord is broken or damaged, never plug it in or try to repair the cable on your own. Unfortunately, exposed wiring can lead to electrical shock (when plugged in) or even an electrical fire. To avoid the possibility of any of these dangerous situations from occurring, either throw the object away or have a professional repair the power cord.

3. Unplug Appliances Not in Use

Of course, it may seem harmless to leave an appliance plugged in when it’s not being used — but doing so has some downsides. For starters, if you do not have surge protection in your home, the appliance could sustain damage during a surge. Another thing to consider is while appliances are not in use but are still plugged in, they can still use power — resulting in a waste of electricity.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is simple: make a conscious effort to unplug appliances that are not in use. Not only will you feel more at ease knowing that your most significant investments are safe from the unknown, but you’ll also be saving energy in the process — always a huge perk.

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