How to Childproof Your House From Electrical Hazards

Do you have little kids or grandchildren roaming around in your home? We know that the main priority of yours is to keep your child safe from harm inside and outside the house. As experienced and trained electricians, we are here to provide childproofing tips to protect them against electrical hazards.

Educate Your Child

As soon as your child begins to crawl, familiarize them with the dangers of electricity around the house. You want to ensure they know why they should not put their fingers into electrical outlets or pull plugs. Teaching your kid what they should and should not do will ensure that they won’t get hurt and put themselves in a dangerous situation. Additionally, you want to view your home from your kid’s point of view. Look at any low outlets and cords your child can get a hold of that you can protect and remove for their safety.

Secure All Electrical Appliances

Did you know that most electrical injuries result from accidents with appliances and power tools? Throughout your home, ensure that the cords on your kitchen appliances, lamps, and other appliances are not frayed or show any signs of wear or tear. Since your child will be crawling around, you want to ensure there are no exposed electrical wires or appliances they can get their hands on. Also, keep an eye on any wall outlets to ensure there are no cracks or breakage.

Consider Safety Precautions

There are various safety measures that you can practice to protect your child, such as installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). GFCIs, or protective cover for wall outlets not used daily, is a great way to protect your kid from electrical hazards because it is very sensitive and will interrupt the electricity whenever any minor problems occur.  They can determine how much electricity is flowing and shut down the electrical flow if there is a  surge or if water gets on the appliance.

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